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Come Hike With me!

Temescal Canyon, Pacific Palisades 

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Announcing the Spring Detox Cleanse!

Announcing the Spring Detox Cleanse & Partnership with Ruth’s Foods! The season’s aren’t the only things changing…Are you relatively new to cleansing? Is your body telling you it’s ready to break out of its stagnant and sleepy winter state and … Continue reading

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Raw Banana Coconut Cream Pie (Vegan)

Raw Banana Coconut Cream Pie (Vegan) We had some dinner guests over the night before Valentine’s Day which motivated me to try a new dessert recipe! I wanted to make something without chocolate that was just non-Valentine’s Day themed in general. My … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Juicy with it!

Gettin’ Juicy with it! Alright, it’s time to lay down the law of juice vs. smoothie, so listen up. Juice is juice, and smoothies are smoothies y’all! They are two very different things with different purposes and benefits. Can you tell … Continue reading

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Dharma Mittra 500hr Yoga Training – Part II

“Fix your thoughts on me alone. Rest your mind on me alone. And in me alone you will rest hereafter. Of this there is no doubt.” ~Bhagavad Gita In a word: Incredible. As I write this I am listening to one of … Continue reading

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Boobs, Chocolate & Healing

Got your attention? Good. I am writing about boobs (and chocolate), but probably not in the way that you expected. More specifically, this is an issue related to boobs, that I have been personally struggling with for a few years … Continue reading

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Stimulate your liBEEdo & have a little protein while you’re at it!

If you’re thinking of a little afternoon delight followed by a big, juicy burger, I’m proposing something slightly different: bee pollen. I know this doesn’t sound as exciting as the first thought, but hang with me a little longer as … Continue reading

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Soak your nuts. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Say what???? Nuts (the kind you eat) and seeds have enzyme inhibitors which help prevent them from sprouting prematurely until they have all the things they need to grow (water, sunlight, soil, etc.). This is why they don’t suddenly grow … Continue reading

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Buzz off! How to cut down or eliminate caffeine.

My family is one of those who mumbles the word “coffee” before they even roll out of bed in the morning. It has gotten to the point where my own mother, who was advised by her doctor to avoid coffee … Continue reading

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