Seasonal Cleanses

7 Day Seasonal Detox | $75! ($50 for current clients of Caley Alyssa)

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Join Caley Alyssa for one of her inspirational seasonal cleanses and choose from one of three seasonal meal plans to follow (yes, you will be eating food!) ranging from a beginning cleanser option to a more advanced cleanser option. We will focus on crowding out unhealthy habits, enhancing existing good ones, and creating space for new positive, sustainable and healthy habits to come. Register solo, or with a friend to support you through this incredible experience. Not in the LA area? Long Distance participants are welcome!

Program Includes:                                                                                                           

  • Pre-cleanse teleconference call
  • Goal and vision worksheet
  • Program Manual
  • Recipe Guide & Meal Plans
  • Shopping List
  • Daily email with nutrition focus & Inspiration
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to online community cleanse page for additional support, questions and to share experiences
  • Post cleanse wrap up video

Cleanse Timeline: 

1-2 Weeks Pre-Cleanse

  • Slowly reduce caffeine intake (coffee, tea, kombucha, dark chocolate)
  • Increase the amount of water, veggies, and fruits you consume
  • Reduce consumption of red meat and processed foods

2-3  Days Pre-Cleanse

  • Go grocery shopping for ingredients and cleanse enhancing products
  • Complete Vision & Goals worksheet
  • Participate in pre-cleanse teleconference call

During Cleanse

  • Follow Program Manual and Meal Plans
  • Read daily email
  • Interact with other participants in private group forum, ask questions and gain support and encouragement
  • Email Caley with personal questions

1-7 Days Post Cleanse

  • Watch post-cleanse video with guidelines surrounding how to transition off of the cleanse
  • Review Vision and Goals worksheet


Why Cleanse? 
Participants choose to cleanse for many different reasons including unknown food allergies, digestive discomfort or constant bloating, skin issues, unrestful sleep at night, and many others.

We are unknowingly exposed to thousands of harmful toxins on a daily basis (food, air, beauty products, house hold cleaning products.) The liver can get so overloaded by high levels of toxins, that they can begin to accumulate, being stored in fat cells. This build up of toxins can eventually lead to weight gain and serious illness.

Cleansing builds up and repairs our detoxifying organs, releasing harmful toxins from fat cells into the blood stream for filtration (liver) and elimination (colon). Other beneficial effects may include:

  • Weight loss
  • Diminished water retention & digestive discomforts
  • Increased and steady energy levels
  • Restful sleep
  • Vibrant complexion
  • Better quality of mood
  • Improved concentration
  • Decreased cravings for sugar & unhealthy carbs

Location is not a factor! This entire cleanse can be done from absolutely anywhere. 


Caley designs unique cleanse programs for Yoga Studios, Corporations, Small Groups and Individuals. She is currently leading seasonal cleanses independently and through Hiking Yoga, a progressive company based in San Francisco, with over 12 locations around the U.S (see below).  Cleansing with Caley & Hiking Yoga is not dependant upon your geographical location! See Hiking Yoga’s web page for the closest city to you. If you don’t see your city on the map,  Caley is happy to offer you the cleanse without the 3 pack of Yoga Hikes.

Here’s a little taste of the delicious support you receive while cleansing with Caley & Hiking Yoga:

Price of the Hiking Yoga 14 Day Cleanse is $270 – Visit to Register!

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